The LAKE baby mattress in combination with the KERA bed 

    For peaceful sleep

    We offer you the Lake mattress from Traumeland , an Austrian company specializing in the production of high quality mattresses.
    The first baby mattress with double twists of cold foam to ensure excellent sleeping comfort and perfect spinal support.
    In addition, it has integrated protection against humidity.

    Baby on mattress

    Baby mattress 70×140

    Mattress core

    • Durable cold foam mattress with good sleeping comfort thanks to independent twists.
    • Optimal ventilation between the different cushions and via vertical ventilation channels
    • Longitudinal edges for added safety during the first attempts to stand up in the baby's bed.
    • Density: 36 kg/m3

    Mattress cover

    Multifunctional “Sleep Safety” cover with TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ – the fiber for a sustainable future breathable ventilation material and integrated moisture protection.

    Quilted with cuddly fleece, to produce a soft sleeping surface for your baby. In addition to the built-in moisture protection function, the mattress cover contains the natural TENCEL™ fiber which prevents sweating.

    • tested for antimony and harmful substances
    • breathable
    • washable up to 60°C
    • suitable for delicate tumble drying

    Breathable venting material along the sides further aids air permeability.

    Baby mattress 70×140

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    At Wookids , we are proud to offer baby cots for hire , providing a practical and eco-friendly solution for young parents. We understand the importance of peaceful sleep for little ones, which is why we chose to collaborate with Traumeland, a brand renowned for its high-quality mattresses. In this article, find out how to rent our ecological baby beds and how Traumeland mattresses ensure the comfort and well-being of your children.

    Discover Traumeland Mattresses:
    At Wookids , we know that the choice of mattress is essential for your baby's sleep. This is why we have chosen to work in partnership with Traumeland, a renowned brand in the field of baby mattresses. Traumeland mattresses are made using high quality materials, such as natural fibers and soft fabrics, ensuring comfortable and restful sleep for your little one.

    Peaceful Sleep for Your Baby:
    At Wookids , our priority is to provide your baby with a safe and soothing sleeping environment.

    By renting our ecological baby beds combined with Traumeland mattresses, you can be sure that your child enjoys the best comfort. Additionally, the hypoallergenic materials used in Traumeland mattresses provide additional protection against allergies, allowing your baby to sleep peacefully throughout the night. Give your baby the best sleep possible by choosing to rent eco-friendly baby cots from Wookids . Thanks to our partnership with Traumeland, we guarantee you premium quality mattresses to ensure the well-being and comfort of your little one. Make the responsible and ecological choice for your baby's sleep by choosing Wookids and Traumeland .