All the questions you have
    about renting baby cots.


    Why rent a baby bed instead of buying?

    The baby beds, the co-sleepers, the cots, have a short useful life. Renting allows you to adjust to real needs. It eliminates the question of the relevance of a purchase for a limited period of use.
    Renting is financially advantageous and practical. Buying a solid wood bed is expensive. Reselling them is not always fun and throwing them away is no longer acceptable.
    Renting is a strong ecological commitment . What you don't want to keep is reused as much as possible by other customers and we reduce the need to produce new furniture.


    Are the baby beds new?

    Concerning rentals, all baby beds, co-sleepers, etc. offered on our site are new or like new. They are systematically checked and cleaned before being rented again and are reconditioned in our premises. Some marks may remain but they are difficult to perceive with the naked eye. See our article dedicated to cleaning here.


    What are the conditions to validate my rental?

    To validate the rental of your baby bed , we always ask you for a payment card (Visa, Mastercard), valid for the duration of the rental (proof of residence may possibly be requested ) .

    Rent lease

    How to rent your baby bed, co-sleeper, etc.?

    1. Go to the “ RENT
    2. Choose the section according to the item that interests you
    2. Choose a finish (in the case of KERA baby beds)
    3. Select a subscription

    A window to finalize the contract will appear open and you can choose complementary products (baby mattresses, etc.)


    Is the validation of the subscription on the site “firm”?

    We offer you different subscriptions. You are bound for 3 months, at least, or more depending on your choice of subscription.


    Purchases of complementary products: 

    By activating your subscription you will receive an email with two promotional codes to use on our online sales sites .
    Go to the “ E-SHOPS ” section in the menu; you will be redirected to our website or


    How do I manage my rental?

    You would like to modify your subscription , change your billing address, add a new payment method , etc., please contact us by email .

    Rental of your baby bed, co-sleeping…

    Is there a minimum or maximum rental period?

    There is no maximum rental
    period. The minimum duration is 3 months.
    Whatever the subscription, it is automatically renewed, month by month (unless interrupted on your part). ( log in here and access the portal)


    What happens at the end of my minimum commitment period?

    The rental continues automatically month by month.
    You can interrupt the contract by logging into your account.  (log in here and access the portal.)
    In this case, we will organize the removal of your furniture. It will take between one to two weeks (after the end of the rental period).


    How do I end my subscription before the end of the rental contract?

    Contact us via chat or email to let us know as soon as possible.
    You will then be asked for early termination compensation, corresponding to the difference in rent between the rental period completed and the initial commitment.
    The furniture will then be removed, within one to two weeks, on the date that suits you best.


    Can I buy the cot or co-sleeper that I am renting?

    Yes it's possible. The sale price will be the recommended retail price less a 15% discount and the amounts actually paid during the rental.


    Do I have to wait until the end of the rental to request the purchase of the furniture?

    No, it is possible at any time. The subscription ends when you purchase the furniture.


    What happens if I move during the tenancy?

    If you move during the rental, please notify us by email so that we can keep the address where our items are located up to date.
    Use caution when dismantling, transporting and assembling furniture, as you are responsible for any damage that occurs during the move.


    Can I return furniture that does not suit?

    This is possible if you are not convinced by one of the items ordered and would like to return it.
    The 14 day period is the minimum legal period.
    OOKIRENT increases this period to 21 days including the delivery time , which means that the 21 days are calculated from the date of subscription (validation of the rental order on our site).

    Ex: if you validate your subscription on 03/09, you have until 24/09 to exercise your right of withdrawal.

    Please contact us by email to inform us as soon as possible.


    If the furniture does not suit me, who pays the “return” transport costs?

    Return costs are free.


    What are the forms of payment accepted ?

    We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard .


    When will I be charged?

    A monthly direct debit is set up and you will be debited every month depending on your subscription date.


    How do I update my payment details?

    Log in here and access the portal.
    You could update your payment method there.


    Does the furniture come assembled?

    The furniture is pre-assembled .
    The assembly is not organised by OOKIRENT but it is simple and quick.
    An assembly instruction is delivered with the furniture.


    What is the delivery date?

    Following your order, we will send you an email with a link to track the delivery.
    The maximum delivery time is 10 working days.
    Delivery is made to the ground floor of your home.


    What are the shipping fees ?

    Delivery and return at the end of the subscription are free and included in the price.


    Do you deliver throughout Europe?

    Yes, we deliver to most EU countries.
    Deliveries to special areas such as islands are excluded .


    What are the return costs at the end of the subscription?

    Delivery and return at the end of the subscription are free and included in the price.


    Do I need to provide packaging for the return of my furniture?

    A special wooden box will be sent to you to prepare the safe return of your furniture.
    Packaging instructions will be attached and a location is set for each part in the box.
    Once the furniture is ready for removal, an appointment will be arranged for collection.


    What happens if some parts are damaged?

    If the damage corresponds to normal wear and tear of the furniture, no compensation will be requested.
    If an item is subject to more significant damage, additional compensation may be claimed from you.