Cleaning and reuse of baby beds by our experts

    baby bed cleaning

    In a constantly evolving world, where environmental awareness has become a priority, it is essential to adopt business practices that respect the planet. With Wookids we are proud to play an active role in promoting sustainability and the circular economy. Through a well-considered process, we design, rent, collect, clean and return our beds to the cycle of life, contributing to the preservation of our precious environment.

    Responsible and Practical Rental

    baby cot rental service offers parents a practical and economical solution to provide a safe and comfortable place for their babies. When the bed is no longer needed, we collect it to ensure that it is neither wasted nor unnecessarily cluttering homes.

    Cleaning and Restoration Process

    Once a crib has been returned to our facility, the cleaning and restoration process begins. This is a crucial step in our commitment to sustainability and the circular economy.

    1. Disassembly and Inspection : The baby bed is carefully disassembled for easy cleaning and restoration. It is thoroughly inspected to identify any signs of wear or damage.
    2. Deep Cleaning : Each part of the baby bed is subjected to a deep cleaning using ecological and non-toxic cleaning products, including beeswax. This ensures that the bed is completely free of germs and bacteria.
    3. Restoration and Repair : If necessary, minor repairs are carried out or damaged parts are replaced. A non-toxic oiled topcoat is applied to restore the bed to its original shine.

    Reintegration into the Life Cycle

    Once the cot has been cleaned, restored and customized as needed, it is ready to be rented again. This process of reintegration into the life cycle is essential for the circular economy. Each baby cot rented represents a continuous cycle of use and reuse, reducing the need to produce more cots and minimizing waste.

    Our Contribution to the Planet

    In summary, our high-quality baby cot rental service not only offers comfort and savings to parents, it also promotes sustainability and the circular economy. By designing, renting, cleaning and re-renting our beds, we are doing our part to reduce environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of our precious planet. One baby at a time, we are building a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

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